We provide Rafting / Kayaking and Camping service while at Punakha through months and Paro (certain months) we will ensure your safety and fun on river all times. We are a set of team grown up together along the rivers of Punakha and we know how and where we should follow the river line for the most fun and enjoyment while rafting with us.Rafting Service was established in 2011 with a small team with ONE single raft and now we are almost ready to provide service not only in rafting in NRS high quality rafts but Camping with included meals too for 50 heads at a time. Join us while at Punakha, leave the worries at home as this is our top most priority to bring the most unforgettable ‘Wow’ moments while rafting or Camping with us. Rafting Service has a well set of team at Punakha. We will make sure that there is fun and happiness beyond the limits for your family and friends