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Bhutan, nestled in the Himalayas, is a cultural haven known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon." Rich traditions, ornate dzongs, and vibrant festivals highlight its cultural allure, while pristine...

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About Acharya CSK Tours: At Acharya CSK Tours, we believe in crafting unforgettable experiences that transcend the ordinary. Specializing in tours, trekking, bird watching, rafting, and an array of thrilling...


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Adventure Tours

Bhutan offers a variety of adventure for travellers. Adventure tourism in Bhutan lets travellers engage in activities such as mountain biking, river rafting, and bird watching.

Cultural Tours

Bhutan is known for its tradition and culture. Bhutan places its tradition and culture at the highest priority, Bhutan’s philosophy of Gross National Happiness includes the preservation of tradition and...

Festival Tours

Bhutan is known for its wide range of festivals, locally known as “Tshechu”. It literally translates to tenth day of the month in the Bhutanese lunar calendar.Festivals in Bhutan are...

Trekking Tours

Bhutan is known for its beautiful mountains and landscapes. Trekking in Bhutan allows a traveller to immerse in the snow-capped mountains and landscapes. Trekking is all year round in Bhutan....