Our Mountain biking tours are categorized into two types; one mainly along the tarmac road which is very moderate in terms of difficulty and are recommended for those who wish to catch glimpse of the flora & fauna along the road. The other is done in the mountainous and rough terrains as high as 4000 meters above sea level, single tracks and rock gardens which are graded as difficult and in some places extremely difficult. This latter package is recommended for professional riders and to those who seek challenges and adventure. Our guides are biking enthusiasts themselves with full knowledge of the tracks and trails in Bhutan. They are all well trained in mechanics and can fully converse in English. We provide detailed itineraries once our guests have confirmed their choice of tour. We use Mountain bikes with front suspension for our tours but guests who wish to bring their own bikes, they are more than welcome to do so. Especially for the thrill seekers, we also do moderate to extreme downhill rides.